Metal Scrap Prices 12/14/2012

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12/14/12: Winter is on it’s way. Cash in before the deep freeze. Sell your scrap metal to local scrap metal buyers. Here is a current, local price report for your more common scrap metals. Make some extra Christmas present money selling unwanted scrap metals to scrap yards. This price report is for December 14 2012 and reflects local, current pricing for the NE part of the USA:

#1 Bare Bright Wire $3.20 /lb.
#1 Copper Tubing/Flashing $3.00 /lb.
#2 Copper Tubing/ Bus Bar $2.80 /lb.
#3 Roofing Copper $2.60 /lb.
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.80 /lb.
Ins. Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) $1.00 /lb.
THHN Cable $1.70 /lb.
Insulated Cable $2.15 /lb.
Aluminum/Copper Fin (Clean) $1.40 /lb.
Aluminum Siding $0.55 /lb
Aluminum/Copper Fin (Dirty) $1.20 /lb.
Aluminum Windows $0.50 /lb.
Aluminum Rims $0.63 /lb.
Cast Aluminum $0.50 /lb.
Stainless Steel $0.53 /lb.
Lead $0.40 /lb.
Lead Based Car Batteries $0.25 /lb.
Clean Brass Radiators $1.50 /lb.
Romex Wire $1.40 /lb.
Steel/Light Iron/Tin $0.06 /lb.
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