Find scrap metal yards, scrap metal buyers and pricing, and scrap metal recyclers in the state of Rhode Island. Buying and selling your scrap metal has never been more profitable or easier. Get cash for your unwanted metals such as copper, steel, aluminum, tin, steel, brass, cast iron and other metals!

Scrap Metal Business Listings in "Rhode Island Scrap Yards"

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Full Circle Recycling

Full Circle Recycling in Johnston, Rhode Island is a family owned and operated business specializing in the environmentally friendly art of waste materials recycling. At the helm is Louis Vinagro III, Lou continues the legacy of recycling pioneer Louis Vinagro II who is now in retired. Lou’s mother, Beverly Vinagro is indispensable as the go-to person who handles the many task involved in the materials recycling process.

Berger Recycling

In business for 100 years, Berger Recycling offers many services. They have rolloff containers, a metal baler and also offer lots of non-metal recycling as well. Scrap metal buyers, processors, brokers and exporters. A Rhode Island scrap metal buyer.

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