Welcome to the Scrap Metal Yard directory. Here you will be able to find scrap metal purchasers, scrap sellers, scrap metal prices and all things scrap metal related. Local scrap metal yards are abundant across the country so selling your scrap metals is as simple as looking up your local yard in our directory...

If you own a scrap metal business or just know of one you would like to see listed, please let us know. Also feel free to review any scrap yards you have dealt directly with.

Finding local scrap metal yards and scrap metal buyers has never been easier. Sell your scrapped and salvaged ferrous and non ferrous metals for money. Also sell your used batteries and electronics for extra cash. The scrap industry is booming. Take advantage of high scrap prices by selling your junk metals to local salvage buyers. Right now our most popular scrap metal yard searches are Indiana Scrap Yards, Maryland Scrap Yards and Pennsylvania Scrap Yards. The most popular search is current, local scrap metal prices...

A few important things to consider when selling your unwanted metal to a buyer are:
do they offer a pickup service?
do they offer rolloff containers or container services?
do they pay in cash?
do they accept precious metals?
do they offer higher rates for bigger amounts of scrap?
are they open on weekends?
These are a few things that can be important when the overall value of your material is added up.
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